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Adding a Nursery: How Temporary Walls Can Help

I lived in the Big Apple for a short time and you quickly start appreciating the bang for the buck that you get when you live somewhere else. It is not easy to find a great Manhattan apartment. As a result, when you are getting ready to expand your family, you may not be willing to give it up to find something bigger. There may not even be anything bigger available. In addition, you may not have the funds to secure a larger space.

sliding french door temporary room divider in NYC apartment - door closed

As a result, you may try to rework your current space to make it usable for your new family. Babies do not need a lot of room; they just need a small area to call their own. As a result, you do not have to upgrade your living quarters just yet. There is no reason to take on unnecessary debt if you can just work with what you have.

New parents typically want their little one to have an area that is outside of their bedroom. They still want to enjoy their private space, even with their expanding family. As a result, temporary wall partitions are often the best solution.

When you put up temporary walls, your home instantly feels bigger. Best of all, you do not have to pay any extra money in rent. Your bedroom is still your own, which is very important for new parents. The reason, though, that temporary wall systems are so important is that your landlord likely does not want you to make permanent changes to the space. Temporary walls let you set things up to your liking, but you have the ability to remove them when you decide to move.

Temporary room dividers are simple to put up and simple to take down. You do not want to remove any walls in your place; this is because you can’t be sure which ones are load-bearing. Load-bearing walls hold up the ceiling. With everything you have to take into consideration, temporary walls are your best option.

sliding french door temporary room divider in NYC apartment - door open

In addition, by putting up temporary walls, you do not have to move. This means that you do not have to get a more expensive place, one that will surely make it more difficult for you to afford all the things that you need for your new child. You may eventually have to move; however, you do not have to worry about that until some time in the future. For now, you can simply enjoy your new family, in the home that you have made for yourselves.

Do you already work on projects around the home? If so, putting up temporary walls will not be difficult for you. If you are worried, you can speak to a contractor about the process to get some advice. You will, of course, have to pay a little bit of money to get these walls set up. However, that cost is minimal compared to what a bigger apartment in New York City would cost you.

Some people are not comfortable with the process of putting up temporary walls. However, if this worries you, just look at what options are available to you. Search through the rental options and check on the price of larger apartments in the city. You are likely to realize that the cost is astronomical. As a result, you may then decide to tackle the project of putting up temporary walls.

A Little Monday Motivation From Allen Weinstein

This morning I found this wonderful quote from Allen Weinstein which really hit home so I thought I would share.

“The Worst Day of Your Life is a Welcome Substitute for Your Last Days”

Think about this quote for a second. I’m sure we can all recollect moments in our lives where we thought things simply couldn’t get any worse. We thought it was practically the end of our world. Whether it was a financial situation such as losing your job, a bad business deal, or your money being stolen. Whether it was a relationship situation such as a divorce, a bad break up, or loss of a loved one. Either way, I’m sure the pain that was felt inside was immense and at the moment it simply seemed like no matter what was said or done, nothing could have made you feel better. Now think about your present moment. Did you make it through that “worst day of your life”? In most cases we all did. And this is exactly what Allen Weinstein is referring to in this quote. I’ll let you listen to him for yourself…

It is important to not let our problems rule our life. We have full control of our outcomes. We just need to change our mindset, confront our issues head on, and truly believe that WE can overcome anything!

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Considering the Tesla Powerwall

Being that I live in sunny Florida, solar power is something that I have been considering adding to my house for a few years now. I have been hearing some pros and cons so I have not jumped the gun until I know it is 100% worth my investment. My electric bill is not outrageous, but the concept of solar power is something that has always intrigued me. Not to mention being more environmentally friendly is a big plus. Right?

Though I do live in the sunshine state, something that always made me wonder was what happens when there is not enough sun (sometimes it is overcast for days you know). The ideal scenario would be to have a system that was able to store the energy and have it available for use not matter rain or shine. This would most likely be using batteries as your storage medium, but prices have for the most part been extremely expensive and batteries lose their efficiency as time goes by.¬† As most of you have probably experienced at one point or another in your life, laptop and car batteries don’t last forever and eventually they are no longer able to hold their charge. So what would this mean? Would I have to buy a whole new set of batteries every¬† few years? So when you look at the big picture, would I really be saving any money?

tesla powerwall

Enter Elon Musk and his incredible electric technology advancements, and the near future might be looking a little brighter for battery powered homes. In case you missed the reveal of Tesla’s Powerwall early this year, you can watch the video below to see what I’m talking about…

Seems pretty awesome, right? I sure think so. Let’s see what further improvements 2016 will bring and maybe I might be closer to making the switch!




My Visit to Bulow Plantation Ruins in Flagler Beach, FL

This past weekend I went to visit some friends in Flagler Beach and felt like doing a little hiking while getting to see a little Flagler history at the same time. We decided to visit Bulow Plantation Ruins where the Bulow family grew sugar cane, rice, and cotton in the early 1800s. We pulled up to the entrance and we immediately knew we were in for a fun adventure. The actual road that takes you from the main road to the actual plantation was awesome (just recommend you don’t go in a car with race tires or else you might risk getting stuck – luckily we were in my friend’s SUV so the bit of sand was no big deal).

Once you make it to the actual plantation entrance they have an honor box where you pay the fees (only $4 per car) and you park your car. They had a nice picnic area and even rented canoes to go down the river. We immediately found the hiking trail and began our way towards the ruins. It was very nice and easy to navigate with tons of beautiful trees and plants I had never seen before.

Here are a few pics of the actual ruins.

Bulow Plantation Ruins Bulow Plantation Ruins

DIY Repair for Your Scratched and Guttered Rims

Beautiful rims take a beating after a few bumps and scratches that come along with everyday driving and parking your car near curbs. Here’s a cool video I found showing a few pointers on how you can give your rims a facelift and get them looking like new again. Best part, is that you can do this all on your own.

Unfortunately some rim damage is beyond fixing in your garage and will require you to take it to a professional. I personally hit a pot hole and caused a major dent to my front driver’s side wheel. The damage was so bad that the tire wasn’t even holding air anymore. Luckily I found a local wheel repair shop in Jacksonville that was able to get my rim not only functional again, but also looking like nothing even happened.


Apple Reveals to the World the New iPhone 6S

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is a whole lot of hype. Yes, the 3D Touch feature looks cool, but definitely not running to the store to upgrade any time soon. Just don’t think the new features are worth it. Besides I just upgraded my iPhone about 6 months ago – we’re still in our romance stage, lol!

What do you guys think?


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